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             Thank you for joining Oxford Sports & Traditional Martial Arts School. 



   Here’s how to join in a few easy steps; 

  1. Please hover your camera on your mobile phone over the icon below. (Android users may require a QR reader) 





2.  Complete the form that appears, complete with email & contact number

  3.  Please set up a direct debit payment for the correct amount for the 5th day of the month every month to the account details can be found in            your introductory pack.

  4.  Place £79 joining fee in an envelope completing name, todays date & date of birth of the person joining. (no cheques please) & return        to          your instructor. 

  5. You will then receive the karate suit, Sparring pads & Licence insurance book (please affix a photo to the licence book on return).

  6. Any problems or any questions please visit where you will find class times / venues / price schedules / T-shirt’s 



Can’t find what your looking for?

Email: for support
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